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New Zealand Baking

Gluten Free

Here are all my gluten free New Zealand recipes collated in one place, organised alphabetically for your convenience. I will be updating this page as I create more, you can soon look out for Belgian Slice, Cookie Times, and Tan Square!

Click on the image to be taken to the recipe.

afghan cookies (3 of 4).jpg

Cornflakey, chocolatey, walnutty goodness!


Belgian/Belgium Biscuits have an interesting history, made with two spiced biscuits, sandwiched together with jam, then iced and covered with red jelly crystals.

Belgian Slice (1 of 5).jpg

The same as above but in slice form!

Chocoades (1 of 1).jpg

A sweet New Zealand biscuit, with an even sweeter backstory!

Stripes (6 of 6).jpg

Another childhood classic. Kinda boring but very nostelgic.

COOKIE TIMES (4 of 4).jpg

10% better than the original Cookie Time.

150% better than the gluten free Cookie Time.

Custard Square (3 of 4).jpg

This custard square recipe doesn't need cornflour, nor eggs, but it works! 
It is set custard inside two sheets of puff pastry, iced and then sprinkled with coconut.

280820 (12 of 13).jpg

Ginger Crunch/Ginger Slice is such a classic! Feel free to sprinkle of bits of candied ginger - I'm not a huge fan of that so I just leave mine plain and simple.

morgan (3 of 4).jpg

What a throwback to every single picnic I went to as a child! 
This recipe is a winner, and I've had a few people tell me it's better than the packet version (which, let's be honest, isn't hard).

Gingernuts (3 of 5).jpg

To this day, the longest recipe I took to get right. But don't worry, now that I got it down to an art, you will be able to recreate it easily with this recipe.

hokey pokey cookies (1 of 4).jpg

A bit of an upgrade to the classic hokey pokey biscuit, I actually put pieces of hokey pokey inside! These are crunchy and chewy and an all round great time.

morgan_-5 2.jpg

A very easy one to recreate, the only criticism I've received is that the hundreds and thousands weren't entirely the same colours....
Apparently I'm missing a green.

Iced Animals (8 of 11).jpg

This isn't strictly a New Zealand recipe, as many countries have a version of  these - but I needed to include them as they were a lunchbox staple of my primary school days.

lamington (5 of 8).jpg

Yes, I know this is Australian too!

Don't come for me.


The easiest thing to make in the world - the only difficult part is sourcing the specific lollies you need for the lolly cake.


Don't be afraid of marshmallow, it's super easy to make! 
This is probably my other favourite New Zealand Biscuit. I could (and have) eaten 10 in a sitting.

double choc mallowpuffs (4 of 7).jpg

The same as above...but with more chocolate!


A classic, some people love them, some people hate them. But you can't deny that mint and chocolate is a fantastic combo.

Pikelets (9 of 10).jpg

Apparently not eaten everywhere in the world like I originally thought....

shrewsburry (6 of 6).jpg

Probably the first biscuit I ever ate. Probably yours too.


The biscuit that put me on the map! 
Takes a little bit of time, but so worth it in the end when you have 30 squiggles sitting in front of you.

TANSLICE (7 of 9).jpg

A classic caramel tray bake with a crumble and occasionally chocolate chip topping

morgan-4 9.JPG

This one might be a bit of an outlier. But I can promise you, the rest of the world doesn't use chicken in their sushi!!!

morgan_-1 2.JPG

Yes.... Australian.....
But let us share this one too?


Because one type of Tim Tam isn't enough! And I have a third type coming out shortly...

280820 (4 of 13).jpg

Is there any point in saying this is a classic? Let's be real, these are all classics. 
New Zealand has the best biscuit culture in the world, and Toffeepops helped them get there.

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