New Zealand


New Zealand, my home country, is known for many things - rolling green landscape, mountains with snowy speaks, beautiful beaches - but it isn't known for being ahead in dietary requirements. Like with most things, New Zealand arrives about 5 years late to the party, and this is apparent in finding coeliac friendly places to eat. For example, in Christchurch- my home city -there is one gluten free bakery and no dedicated gluten free restaurants, but that doesn't mean to say there's nothing to eat. More and more places are offering great gluten free alternatives, and dare I say it, even a gluten free menu. I will be updating this page with more cities and towns as I make my way around the country.

'Fush' & 'Chups'

One thing that is quite common, is gluten free fish and chips. This is not so surprising when you consider the nation-wide love for fish and chips. But what is surprising is the diverse menu at your average fish and chip shop. You can have anything from fried doughnuts, corn nuggets, chicken nuggets, deep fried mussels, hamburgers, cheese burgers, BBQ pineapple burgers, several types of locally caught fish, chips, wedges, kumara fries (that's sweet potato), deep fried candy bars, and corn dogs, among other items. While not all fish and chip shops have a dedicated gluten free fryer, when you find one it can be a real treat. 

Fish and Chips

Gluten Free brands New Zealand

These can be found at any of the three main supermarket chains across New Zealand, Countdown, Pak'n'Save, and New World.
Always check the packaging before you buy!

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