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Gluten Free Guide to Plymouth, Devon

Plymouth might be my new favourite getaway spot in the U.K. Not only is it a smaller sized city, perched on a gorgeous sea front, with stunning architecture but it's also a bit of a cracker for gluten free food (ESPECIALLY fish 'n' chips!). I recently went to Plymouth on a 4 day holiday, even filmed a bit of a vlog if you'd like to check out any of those gluten free foods in action. But there were also a few places I didn't get to check out, soI have made an all inclusive gluten free Plymouth guide that I promise will point you in the right direction.


Struggling to find gluten free bubble waffles? Have you ever even had a bubble waffle? I hadn't until I found Kawaffle in the main shopping district of Plymouth. At kawaffle, all the waffles are made gluten free, and most of the toppings are as well. They even have a vegan waffle mixture, and plenty of vegan toppings on offer. No matter what you get, you'll be getting bang for your buck here - mine was bigger than my head!


Ok, firstly to avoid confusion - there are 2 Harbourside Fish & Chip shops, not 20 metres away from one another. One of them is entirely gluten free, the other is not. But no to worry, on their menu there is clear signposting of which is which. Being vegetarian, I expected to only pick up a scoop of chips, but they also offered pea fritters and fried halloumi - so I got the both as well. Every single thing in the gluten free Harbourside is 100% gluten free - from the vinegar to the curry sauce. You have to stop here if you are around the Barbican!


This lovely restaurant is located in the Barbican, and is a must visit for gluten free people. While this restaurant isn't 100% gluten free, about 90% of it is. I went for the margarita pizza, of course I asked first if it was cooked in a seperate area, only to be informed that all the pizza's were gluten free regardless! There were also plenty of vegetarian options, and for dessert I opted for a gluten free/vegan tart with raspberry sorbet - delicious. Bookings are advised.


Although not native to Plymouth by any means, it's always good to have a Wagamama's nearby. Wagamama's is a Japanese chain restaurant in the U.K. and other countries that always has a gluten free menu, and a good knowledge of coeliac disease and cross contamination. In fact, only managers are able to take your order - even if the dish is naturally gluten free. I noticed while I was there, that their vegan menu has improved greatly since my last visit as well, the gluten free menu, while still having a lot of options, in my opinion could use a few more things. In saying that, I did have a fantastic vegetable curry for dinner, and white chocolate & matcha cheese cake for dessert!


This little hole in the wall is a delicious chocolate shop, with a ridiculous amount of flavours. While they are not all gluten free (only 2 weren't) you still have a huge range to choose from, and at 6 truffles for £5, you certainly get a chance to find your favourite. I went for peanut butter, gold chocolate, milk chocolate truffle, salted caramel, pistachio & almond, and raspberry. Couldn't fault a single one, although my favourite was a tie between the peanut butter and pistachio & almond.


This is another restaurant in Royal William Yard that we visited for a spot of lunch. While this is not a 100% gluten free restaurant, they had an extensive allergen menu, knew what coeliac disease was and were able to make all their pastas, pizzas and garlic breads gluten free. I wasn't too hungry so I got a Caesar salad, upon reflection.... how boring of me! But to be fair... it was a good Caesar salad!

NB. because I had a salad, I didn't get round to asking how their pizza was cooked so please double check!


Places I did not try, but have heard are gluten friendly!

The Fig Tree @ 36 - plenty of gluten free options, including homemade desserts. Rockfish - this place is super close to the aquarium, and offers all their fish fried in gluten free batter.

Seco - I saw that they had lots of gluten free options, but didn't get to check if coeliac safe!

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Rick Savage
Rick Savage
Dec 22, 2023


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