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Indigo One Aldwych - Gluten Free Restaraunt Review

I just celebrated my recent birthday at Indigo, the up-scale gluten free restaurant at the top of the Strand.

Indigo One Aldwych is a gluten and dairy free restaurant in central London that serves British Cuisine. They have both an à la carte menu and set menus for two, three courses or even 5 courses. Recently refurbished, it sits on the mezzanine above the main hotel restaurant, but is wonderful quite and private.

I got there a little early carrying a ridiculously large bunch of flowers I had received for my birthday, prompting the front of house staff if it was a special occasion. I was sat in a cosy 2 person corner booth, with lovely view of the street below and ordered myself a cocktail because - hey, it's my birthday. The ended up bringing me two drinks - the one I ordered and a complimentary cocktail, 'the Indigo Sour' for my birthday. Such a nice touch from the waitstaff.

So now I'm sitting here by myself,with two cocktails, taking turns to sip out of each one. I imagine it would have been a little funny to watch, until thankfully my partner arrived. One of the reasons our relationship works is that he always orders the simple things, and I go for the more exciting new things, and then inevitably pinch some of his. I ordered the Rhug Estate Rump of Lamb, with Lancashire hot pot, crushed potatoes, and wild garlic, and my partner got the trusty Fish and Chips. But I always say you can tell a good restaurant by their fish and chips.

Before our mains were served, we given the house bread, which was fresh out of the oven, but more importantly, gluten and dairy free. They give each table a bread before their main - and it's not a tiny amount either - it's a small loaf, changed daily, and actually a little filling! But I'm not complaining.

Both of our mains were delicious - my lamb was soft and cooked perfectly. The Lancashire hot pot surprised me with how much flavour they packed into it. The fish and chips had a fantastic light beer batter, and served with the custom mushy peas and some of the best tartar sauce I'd ever had. After our mains, we were going to dash off to get to the musical 'Come From Away' but they made us sit down, and bought me out a complimentary birthday brownie with a candle. It was delightful, rich but not too heavy, and a perfect way to end the meal. Indigo was the perfect mix of fine cuisine, and wonderful, thoughtful staff. If you are looking for a special night out, I would highly recommend.


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