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Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo is easily one of my favourite cities in the world. When people come back from a trip to Japan with annecdotes of 'being in the future' or 'surrounded by kawaii character everywhere they go from department stores to rural train lines' they are not wrong. 
And luckily for us, Tokyo has recently jumped on board with creating several entirely gluten free restaurants for us to try, each with their own identity. While the majority of Japan is a little behind on the gluten free buzz (which is understandable as they have far lower rates of Coeliac disease that any western country), Tokyo is well equipped and can help turn your trip in to a wonderful culinary experience. 



SORANOIRO - Tokyo Station Ramen Street (Yaesu Exit) 


The first place is stopped off after my 11 hour flight (which I accidentally forgot to order a gluten free meal for), was Soranoiro for some delicious gluten free salted ramen - A traditional noodle broth from Japan. 
You have to order through a vending machine and then you will be issued a ticket and shown to your seat. Definitely worth a stop if you are passing through.

Open everyday 8:30 am-10pm.


Gluten Free T's Kitchen - Roppongi, Minato City
Formally known as 'Gluten Free 61 Cafe and Bar

This lovely restaurant is in Minato, one of the fancier areas of central Tokyo. Surrounded by skyrisers, this cosy restaurant is on the second floor of a building that's a little hard to find, but it's well worth it in the end. The favourites of mine was the delicious karaage (fried) chicken, and chiffon sakura cake. This restaurant has both traditional and contemporary Japanese and Italian food, they have absolutely wonderful staff as well. 

Open 12pm-10pm. Closed Tuesdays. 

IMG_3145 2.JPG

Sekai Cafe - Asakusa, Taito City 

This cafe/restaurant is just off the Main Street which leads to Kanimarimon Gate, so a great lunch choice if you are in the area. 'Sekai' means world, and their philosophy is to have a place where anyone from anywhere in the world can eat. They offer vegetarian, halal, organic and of course, gluten free food. I had the Tofu Patty with Miso dressing - it's not quite what you think, but it's incredibly tasty!

Open 930am-7:30pm. Closed Wednesdays. 

Otaco - Asakusa, Taito City

Behind Kanimarimon Gate is a tucked away bakery that specialises in delicate gluten free chiffon cakes. Otaco has several types of individually wrapped cakes, like green tea, earl grey, coffee, cocoa, pumpkin, chocolate chip, and with the flavours changing daily, you are always able to try something new. 

Open Tues-Sat 10:30am-6pm. Closed Sun/Mon.

IMG_3197 2.JPG
IMG_2787 2.JPG

Other Restaurants I'm yet to try....

Where is a dog? - A 100% gluten free restaurant in Shinjuku.
Open 11am-9pm. Closed Mondays.  


Pizzakaya -  A Californian styled pizza bar with gluten free options in Minato city.  
Weekday Lunch Service from 11:30am-2pm, Dinner 5pm-10:30pm. Weekends dinner service only.


Rainbow Bird Rendezvous - A vegan cafe with gluten free options. 

Open Mon-Fri 11:30am-8pm. Weekend 11:30am-7pm. 


Aletta - A 100% gluten free french restaurant in Setagaya City. 
Open Tuesday until Sunday. Lunch from 11:30am-3pm. Dinner from 6pm-11pm (reservation required). 


Brown Rice Canteen - A vegan and organic restaurant in Shibuya with gluten free options.
Open 11:30am-6pm everyday. 


Captain Cook - British styled cuisine with gluten free options. Breakfast particularly recommended. 

Open Tues-Sun 9am-10pm. Closed Mondays.

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