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The Best Gluten Free Restaurant in Tokyo.

Here's my recommendation on the restaurant you absolutely must go to if you are in Tokyo.

When I found out I had Coeliac Disease, the one thing I knew I was going to miss was Japanese cuisine - I'm talking about gyoza, ramen, soba, the beautiful light and fluffy chiffon cakes, karaage chicken, just everything. Even though I knew that Japan isn't the best place for Coeliacs, I hoped I might be able to find a few of my old favourites. But when I went to Gluten Free T's Kitchen in Roppongi, I found almost everything on the menu that I had been missing + some extra things like spring rolls which aren't a typical Japanese dish.

At Gluten Free T's Kitchen, everything is gluten free, but they also offer vegan, dairy free, nut free, and soy free dishes - the dietary requirement dream. Their menu is in English and Japanese - and has pictures. We started off with a salad, then got pork dumplings, spring rolls, and Karaage chicken with a honey mustard dressing - definitely my favourite. One of those dishes where I look forward to the day I'm back in Tokyo specifically so I can get this again. Dramatic, I know.

The restaurant is in the business district of Tokyo, a 5 minute walk from the Roppongi station where the Hibiya and Oedo lines stop. I would recommend booking in advanced as it is a very small restaurant and usually quite busy. You can contact them on their instagram or website here.

For dessert, we shared the chocolate brownie and Sakura Cherry Blossom cake which was served with a fantastic matcha ice-cream. My favourite, which was also recommended by our server was the Sakura cake - it's not uncommon to find these extremely light and subtly flavoured, not-too-sweet cakes in Japan, usually called chiffon or angel food cakes by the English speaking world. They are technically quite difficult cakes to make, and absolutely delightful to eat. Definitely something you should eat if you are ever in Japan.

There are more and more gluten free places popping up in Tokyo, please check out my Tokyo guide on my travel page for more suggestion. I love writing reviews of these restaurants to show people that Tokyo can be a gluten free friendly place. I'd hate to think that someone wouldn't go to Japan for fears of dietary requirements not being met. Gluten Free T's was a wonderful experience on my last night in Japan and I can't wait to be going back on my next trip. Please let me know if you ever go there and what your thoughts were! Arigatou Gozaimashita.


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