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Hi I’m Morgan, I’m from New Zealand, and I'm an ambassador for Coeliac New Zealand.
I created this website to help people with Coeliac disease, gluten intolerance, and wheat allergies with anything from recipes, travelling, advice, or where to find those sort after gluten free products.

I’m currently based in East London, but have been lucky enough to travel all over Europe, and Japan, as well as getting home to Christchurch, New Zealand every so often. 

At the moment, I'm challenging myself to recreate as many classic New Zealand recipes as possible! Squiggles, mint slices, caramel crunch, you name it - I'm probably trying to do it! 

A little bit about myself - I’ve done Karate for 9 years, I am studying Japanese, and the one thing I want the most is a gluten free version of Churros!


Thanks for taking a look around, I hope you find what you are looking for.

Please feel free to contact me below for any business inquiries/questions or email me here.

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